Peter Pavone for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada 2022

Increase Tourism - Create Jobs - Decrease Bureaucratic Waste - Improve Education - Better Quality of Life - Diversify Nevada - Voting Reform - Support our Law Enforcement - Support Legal Immigration - 



Qualified - Motivated - Honorable 

Contact ; [email protected]   702-822-0570  

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Running a Successful Campaign is like running a successful business. Being properly funded is a major key to success. There is no time like now to commit to turning Government around. Please support our effort to return Integrity and Accountability to Carson City. 

About the Candidate

Executive - Father - Entrepreneur - Experienced Leader

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Over the past 35 years Peter has distinguished himself as an Entrepreneur and an expert in Leadership. As President and CEO he has Founded and Built several Companies in the Hospitality, Transportation, Entertainment, Communication and Tourism Industries. Peter has achieved great success and helped many organizations  through his expertise as a Business Consultant and Broker, Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist and Producer. 

"When I was approached to run for AG we realized that I have ALL of the qualifications to fulfill the requirements of the office of Lieutenant Governor. Considering my self a lifelong Patriot with a genuine concern for our Country and it's citizens I felt the time was now to take action ."   ‚Äč